Inside the multitude of electronic devices and systems that surround us, myriads of instructions are being executed constantly. Programs and applications, written in exotic programming languages, run our everyday lives—connecting us to our networks, tracking our bodies, interpreting our expressions ...

Perpetual Interpreter invites a group of artists to take a look at the expressive and poetic qualities of computer programming. These artists examine how code affects us—beyond the slick interfaces we have come to expect from software applications—in an attempt to make the realm of coded instructions, programming languages, software protocols, electrical signals and logical operations available to aesthetic experience.

They look at how the language formations of digital technology are changing our perception of media and representation, and how computational processes impact and reconfigure artistic production.

The exhibition assumes everyone suffers from digital fatigue. The Digital never became what we dreamt it would be. Evidently, the promise of a democratizing internet is broken—and the hardware infrastructures supporting it, are endangering the planet. So far, we are not at all watched over by machines of loving grace.

Perpetual Interpreter looks at computer code and machinic systems that go beyond the mundane digital.


The exhibited artworks will be displayed in a performative staging by artist Kristoffer Akselbo. This stage is both a physical structure and a set of performances, bringing all the artworks together to investigate the complex networks of interpretation that make up our digital now.

/Anders Visti & Kristoffer Ørum

Opening Friday November 8th, 18:00-20:00 @LOKALE. Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen N.

Opening hours in November: Sat 9th & Sun 10th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 14th—Sun 17th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 21st—Sun 24th, 13.00–17.00