Kristoffer Ørum "Listening Without Ears" (2019)

Installation. 3d-printed burger, coke and lamp, microphones, wireless network, softwareapplication, printer. Object dimensions 25cmx25cmx25cm

This a map of what the audience talk about as they look at the works in the show. Based on Google’s speech recognition three objects in the exhibition continually transcribe what is said in their proximity.

It is one of a series of author-less maps of how the computer interprets the audience’s reactions, rather than what the artist or curator might imagine.


Kristoffer Ørum is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and organiser based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He explores contemporary notions of the digital every day, how narratives of lived life are circulated, and what that circulation means for the ways in which we live our daily lives. His work has been displayed in established institutions, such as MUSA Museum auf Abruf in Vienna and SESI’ Cultural Centre in Sao Paulo as well as artist run spaces like Flux Factory in New York and projects on the internet and social networks.

He holds dual MA degrees in fine art from The Royal Danish Academy of Art and Goldsmiths College. He has served as a professor at Funen academy of Art and artistic researcher at Uncertain Archives, Copenhagen University.

Opening Friday November 8th, 18:00-20:00 @LOKALE. Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen N.

Opening hours in November: Sat 9th & Sun 10th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 14th—Sun 17th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 21st—Sun 24th, 13.00–17.00