Rosemary Lee "Deconstructing Representation" (2019)

Installation. Silk screen print, photographic background stand, twin spot ligthing kit. Print dimensions 2m x 2m

(excerpt): "In Deconstructing Representation, machine learning is used as an explorative approach to visualise patterns within a dataset of images. Compiling a dataset of Instagram images saved by the artist over time and training a generative adversarial network (GAN) to produce images reminiscent of that dataset, the resulting images show the gradual buildup and breakdown of computational representations and visual affinities.

With the increasingly common use of AI and machine learning in visual media, we must ask in what ways this shapes our ways of seeing the world. For humans, representation creates symbolic relations between what is visible and what that means. But in terms of machine vision, representations are computational relationships between data. In this sense, it may be possible for a computer to generate a hyper-realistic face without any relation to a real person ..."

Full text and danish translation is available in the exhibition


Rosemary Lee is an artist and a PhD fellow at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Her current research project, Seeing with Machines, examines how machine learning contributes to algorithmic forms of representation.

Rosemary Lee's artistic work investigates interrelations between technologies and processes of natural science, manifesting complex webs linking machines, living things and the environments which they inhabit.

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