Andreja Andric “Spin 4” (2015) / “Noise Poems 14-17” (2016–19)

Installation. Softwareapplications, max/msp sketch, print, laptops, headphones. Dimensions variable.

Spin 4 is a series of live sofware sound systems programmed in visual sound programming environment Max/MSP. The elements of the visual programming language are disposed in circular patterns recalling Ars Subtilior practice from high middle ages. The drawings and the sound structures resemble each other and together create slowly evolving, meditative sound spaces.

Noise Poems 14–17 are computer generated poems, printed on standard A4. The noise poems are printed together with the tiny c program that produces the poems. The generated poems are arranged in a collage to display the character patterns emerging from the executions of the noise poem software.


Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian composer and computer programmer, permanently residing in Aarhus since 2014. He uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression, with the aim of discovering pristine, dynamic and complex sound worlds.

Pioneer of the genres of Virtual Reality art and smartphone solo symphony, he is also active in the felds of computer music, video and sofware art.

Opening Friday November 8th, 18:00-20:00 @LOKALE. Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen N.

Opening hours in November: Sat 9th & Sun 10th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 14th—Sun 17th, 13.00–17.00  +  Thurs 21st—Sun 24th, 13.00–17.00